Learn How to Open how to be a Bookie

How to be a bookie the fast and easy way

Earlier, I wrote about how to open an online sportsbook because I was curious about the whole process of becoming an online bookie. This time, I am touching on the same subject and talking about how to be a bookie for dummies.

This is because I believe that anyone can become a bookie if they have the right information and that it is not as difficult as it seems. In addition, you do not need to pay a fortune because it is not as exensive as you think.

So using the information I already had under my belt, I set out to find an easier way to do it. However, I needed someone to follow my instruction to see if it was as easy as I thought. I got my friend, let's call him John to try it out for me.

The first thing he did is sign up for an account with PricePerPlayer.com to get him started. The process just took a couple of minutes as their system if fully automated.

Setting Up his Customers

Once that was done, he had a couple of friends that bet a few dollars here and there and he opened an account with them with his PPH Service. He was amazed that he had their accoutns running after just a few clicks.

The started betting right away and all he had to do was settle up each week with them. He told he was amazed at how easy it is to become an online bookie. He literally had to do nothing but find players.Of course, you need to have some money to get started because well, if your players win you need to pay them! In addition, you also need money to pay for the service which is a very small amount considering everything you get.

So my experiment was a success and now you know how easy it is to become an online bookie. So here are the steps:

Steps on How to be a Bookie the Fast and Easy Way

1. Find a Sportsbook Pay Per Head and Open an account with them

2. Find Players and open an account for them

3. Settle up every week or month

And BANG!!! You are now a bookie and it couldn't be any simpler than that!