Just a little help to help you try new stuff

This is a list of websites that I have used to help my try new stuff. I hope that it helps you out as much as it did me.

Website Building

These are websites that I have used when I first tried to make my firt website back in 2000. Since then, I still use refer to these resources all of the time.

Dave's Site - I first visited this website back in the early 2000 when I first became interested in making my own website. This is a great site with easy to follow tutorials about html, css and much more. It's a great site for beginners trying to learn about website coding.

W3Schools - Another excellent website if you want to learn about website coding. This one is more detailed and can be overwhelming for a beginner


This is probably not for everyone but believe it or not, there wa a time in my life that I wanted to be a professional gambler. Ok sure, it usually happened after watching gambling movies like Rounders and 21 but still, I had to try it. In my quest to be a pro gambler I used many of these websites to help me out.

In the end, I never became one as its a lot of work and it still involves a lot of luck; however, I can still hold my own when I go to a casino or to a sportsbook!

Handicappers Hideaway - Yeah, I visited this site mainly for its gambling forum wich is made up of a huge gambling commmunity. Lots of good tips on that site on sports betting strategies.

Sportsbook Reviews - A good site to check out if you are thinking about betting on sports. It will give you key information about which sportsbook to use along with some helpful tutorials. This site offers severyl type of reviews from sportsbook reviews to sportsbook pay per head reviews and even casino reviews. In additon, this site also has a very extensive sportsbook directory that helps you find anykind of sportsbook in the world.